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Do you ever get rly pissed because the hunger games films could’ve told such a deep story with themes that reflect our own society’s oppressive systems

but instead they whitewashed the main leads, erased their disabilities, and pretty much romanticized the violence

The degree to which THG movies play into exactly the things the story condemns will never not be staggering to me


real talk tho i absolutely adore huke’s characters like i legit wish there was a series with more of huke’s characters not just four or five of them

i love how black rock shooter started out as one drawing of one character by one person and then one other person saw the drawing and the two people made a song and music video together and within a few years black rock shooter had its own OVA, anime, video game, and manga series and yet not a single one of the mediums are actually connected beyond the anime being somewhat based on the OVA

there’s some characters that only appear in one medium—someone with absolute knowledge of the song, OVA, anime, and manga could have no idea who the fuck Nana Gray is. Someone who has seen/played/read everything but the anime won’t know about Chariot.

some characters exist BUT HAVE NEVER APPEARED IN ANY SERIES. Bone Sprout. Black★Matagi. Ninja Zero Two. Maid Gunner. Geshumaru. Demon Canon User. Black★Devil Girl. This franchise is a mess of canons it’s hilarious


Green Scythe by redricewine


Good Smile Company released the Nendoroid No.145 Black Gold Saw (ブラックゴールドソー) action figure from the anime “Black Rock Shooter” (ブラック★ロックシューター). Was released in April 2011. Around 100mm tall, 3,334 yen ($31.72).



Black Rock Shooter Chibi by chroneco


Black Rock Shooter